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  • First time on CD for Ariel’s farewell concert: Island Fantasia.

  • Recorded live at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne, Sunday
    21st August 1977.

Originally released as two separate LP’s (and later reissued as a 2LP set), this live set, their last ever gig, displays Ariel playing at the top of their game, taking out a five-year career on a high.

Not only did the concert feature a generous selection of Ariel classics (including: ‘Jamaican Farewell’, ‘Rock & Roll Scars’ & ‘Disco Dilemma’), it also gave a nod to Mike Rudd and Bill Putt’s former bands Spectrum and Murtceps with terrific versions of such much-loved classics as ‘I’ll Be Gone’ and ‘We Are Indelible’.

Remastered & packaged in our unique Sandman slip case, this deluxe 2CD set includes a 20 page booklet, with many rare photos and liner notes from noted Australian music writer Ian McFarlane.

 A long-awaited deluxe reissue from one of Australia’s best bands of the 1970’s. 


Catalogue Number: SAND443
Release date: October 24, 2013
SRP: $30.00



Disc One - Ariel Aloha

1. Disco Dilemma
2. The Party's Just begun
3. Where Did You Go?
4. Amazon
5. Illicit Love
6. Hollywood
7. It's Only Love
8. All I Need Is A Change
9. It's Gonna Get Worse
10. You Keep Me Moving
11. King's Cross Crusader
12. I'll Be Gone

Disc Two - Live!! More From Before

1. Jamaican Farewell
2. Island Fantasia Suite:
i. Coral Queen
ii. Dark Side of Yeppoon
iii. Party Reprise; It's Time We Said Our Goodbyes
3. We Are Indelible
4. Rock & Roll Scars
5. I'll Take You High / Red Hot Momma / Some Good Advice